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Our El Monte residential pest control services are superior and affordable; call (626) 593-9648 today!

El Monte Pest & Rodent Control provides some of the best residential pest control in El Monte, California. Along with typical El Monte residential pest control services, we offer quarterly and annual pest maintenance without a contract. You might have spiders, ants, bed bugs, fleas, earwigs, or some other pest. Regardless, our El Monte residential exterminators are here to protect your family.

You’ll often notice that pests are not very active or noticeable during cooler months but what you might not notice are those hidden in or around your home. They begin to re-emerge during the Spring and warmer months that follow. The most common El Monte residential pests and rodents are bed bugs and cockroaches. We’ve noticed that infestations of these pests in El Monte are on the rise.

Recently we’ve noticed an increase in the number of termite incidents in El Monte also. Termites are masters at going undetected, which means they’re a danger to your home. Some of our most recent El Monte residential termite cases included structural damage caused by the termites.

It doesn’t take much to keep your family and home safe from pests with our convenient and consistent pest control maintenance plans.  It’s more affordable to have pest prevention than to hassle with them.  Just give our El Monte pest control experts a call right now at (626) 593-9648 and we’ll be glad to help!