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With more than two thousand types of termites across the world we don’t expect you to know exactly what kind is destroying your property. That’s our job!  Contrary to what many believe, termites actually serve a handy purpose; El Monte termites recycle wood and plant material. Unfortunately, termites have a less than desirable rep because they cause so much damage to structures and expensive damage at that. More than tens of thousands of these little pests are treated each and every year.

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One way people often find out they have termites is by stumbling upon damaged wood around the property.  In addition, if you were to find mud tunnels extending from the ground up along the woodwork, it could likely be from termites.  If you think you have termites, you should schedule your El Monte termite inspection; an inspection of the accessible sections of a home for any activity or signs of these destructive pests.  If termites are invading your property give our El Monte termite control pros a call at (626) 593-9648 and we’d be happy to resolve any questions you have.