el monte bed bugs

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El Monte Pest & Rodent Control prides itself in having some of the best El Monte bed bug exterminators.  Recently, we’ve been managing the rise of El Monte bed bug infestations. Nobody knows without a doubt why the number of beg bugs in El Monte are increasing, but we feel it may be because of the elevated trading of second-hand furniture and the close proximity of homes and even businesses.

El Monte bed bugs will make their presence known in a manner that causes it to be impossible to ignore them.  These apple-seed sized pests prey on humans when they’re sleeping. They do this with a piece of their mouth, called a stylet, to pierce the skin of humans. This may sound unpleasant, but the bug will use this stylet to saw through your tissue to find blood vessels. It can then feed for as short as a minute or as long as five minutes. When finished eating it will go back where it came from; it’s hiding place. The areas in which you have been bitten by these pests can easily swell and make you want to scratch a lot due to the itchiness.

It’s often difficult to detect the actual El Monte bed bugs themselves.  They will usually hide in the crevices around your bed and lay their eggs in the seams of the mattress.  Unless you have experienced these pests in the past you likely don’t know how to be aware of a problem before it becomes an infestation and you aren’t alone. Waking up with bites that itch can definitely be a case for potential bed bugs, or it could be from another pest; spider, fleas, etc.

However, should you see any dark spots on your sheets or bedding, that look like blood, it would be wise to perform an inspection. Our expert El Monte bed bug professionals know just how to inspect for these tiny pests and can determine if there are any signs of them.

If you awaken with lots of bites all over your body, think you saw one, or you have blood or fecal spots on your bed sheets, you should call our El Monte bed bug experts immediately!  Not all treatments for this particular pest are exactly the same, so contact us at (626) 593-9648 today to have our professionals come out to your home and get one step closer to relief.